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Whether you know Ashtanga, Bikram, Baptiste, Anusara, Kripalu, Kundalini, or nothing at all, our trained staff can help you become the best human you can be. Our trainings are about raising your Human Potential to create your best life possible. You may want to become a yoga teacher, or to just learn more about yourself,


We love yoga, we want yoga all over the world. That is our mission. That is it.


All of our trainings can be a E-RYT 200hr, 500 hr, 1000 hour, teachers tune up, or simply a weight loss healing detoxification vacation. During our trainings you will learn in depth about yoga philosophy according the Yoga Sutras, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Psychology, Thai Massage techniques for the yoga teacher, partner yoga, Acro yoga, Sanskrit  for the yoga teacher, all about the living foods lifestyle,

You choose your program, we will train you to be the best you can be! Accommodations are available! We offer TOTAL PACKAGE TRAININGS & RETREATS, space is very limited, call us for info, 808-463-8811

Maui Yoga is now offers TWO
Yoga Alliance approved at the 200 & 500 hr level
Hot Yoga Teacher trainings at Maui Hot Yoga. Twice a year, each August & February with internship for special students to be deeply trained in their 500 hour & even 1,000 hour training. Students at our school can receive an E-RYT 500 hour training from Yoga Alliance by interning and teaching at our great hot yoga school on the beautiful island of Maui. Are you ready for a life changing career move? Do you want to be the BEST yoga teacher you can be? We are very skilled in Motivational & Spiritual speaking and can help students Direct their energies to allow the student to effortlessly understand the teachings.


Find Your Voice, Live Your Life to the FULLEST!

Our teaching style is influenced by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Joel Olsteen, among many others. (Of course, along with our yoga teachers, Bikram, Rajashree, Emmy, Baron Baptiste, and Sri Dharma Mittra.) Our classes and our teacher training is infused with the teachings of The Power of Now, The Power Of Intention & the special skills we all learned from the movie, The Secret. This is beyond a teacher training, this is a life changing experience!
Our next 200 & 500 hour training will be August 4th- August 28th,  2013.  This program will be a full 21 days with training from 6 am until 6pm with a 2 hour break at noon everyday. (so you can go to the beach!) During this training you will learn the fundamentals of many traditional modern schools of yoga. You will deeply investigate Ashtanga yoga alignment principles with teachers who have spent years firsthand in Mysore, India with Sri. Pattabhi jois. These alignment principles are based on Solar & Lunar movements in the body. You will learn the Ha- and the Tha of movements of the body in Hatha Yoga. You will learn hot yoga from teachers who have been trained firsthand with Bikram in his old school on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills over Ten years ago. Our new series respects the genius of Bikram yoga, but blends in options for everybody that we have learned from studying other forms of yoga. This is going to be the best yoga teacher training ever. Many people have done many yoga trainings only to leave still unable to teach. You will leave this training more confident, much more healthy & able to teach a great yoga class. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Mary Grace & James Onnikian



What you will get from this training-
1. A Hot Yoga training manual written by Mary Grace
2.  7 day nutritional cleanse book written by Mary & James
3. A full 90 minute teaching dialogue for our HOT Yoga
4. A full 33 posture guide for our HOT Yoga
5. Training in effective yoga teaching dialogues
6. Full training in Ashtanga yoga posture alignment
7. Full training in our hot yoga flow
8. Full training in partner yoga & Thai Yoga Therapy (massage)
9. Full training with teachers certified in Bikram, Baptiste & Ashtanga yoga
10. Anatomy training with various teachers, including, Dr. Bill Akpinar, who was given Man of the Year from the American Cancer Society, and many other societies, you can see his bio on this page.
11. Shared laundry access, daily juices, daily tea & daily lunch made together for a small fee. The fruits & vegetables will all be local, fresh, organic and raw!*(Maui Only)
12. Nature excursions like hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, maybe even a boat trip out to the dolphins on Lanai if enough students are interested*(Maui Only)
12. Raw foods lectures & food making demos
13. Movie nights with Yoga movies
14. Daily sunset meditations *(Maui Only)
15. Extensive study of the Yoga Sutras
16. Sanskrit lessons with Sanskrit scholar
17. Kirtain (yoga music concert) with amazing musicians
18. Daily pranayama during sunset on the Pacific ocean *(Maui Only)
19. A Raw & Living foods support group
20. Pure magical water straight from the mountains of Iao Valley *(Maui only)
21. You will leave this training able to teach a great, exciting,  yoga flow with confidence and joy.

This training can also be pieced together with three different week long stays.
We have a house directly across the street from the yoga studio with three rooms available for rent.

Our Maui YTT training is so convenient because there is no travel time wasted to and from class. We live in the center of Kihei town, a walk to the beach, bank, supermarket, post office and many stores. You would not need a car rental if you choose to rent a room from us in our home.
We have beautiful condos on the beach for you to rent. Check Craigslist Maui and see what is available.
We have been connecting with local Ohanas (studio apartments) to rent. Contact us for more details.
Here is a virtual tour of the hotel we are affiliated with.

Here is a demo video about our teachers of this teacher training from our other school,
Yoga Oasis, Woodbury, NY

and here is a video of a Hot Yoga Class at Yoga Oasis.

Maui Yoga studio is only a block and a half from the ocean on the beautiful sunny side of Maui in Kihei where it rains only about ten times a year. If you want beautiful weather, amazing pure food, pure air and pure water, this is the training for you.

We will guide you while you are here on a delicious raw foods diet with fresh fruits and vegetables grown here on Maui.
You may also choose to cook some local island fish, as it is such a treat here on Maui. Mary Grace is a nutritionist and has studied with Dr. Gabriel Cousins at his Tree of Life Rejuvenation center and guided many people through raw juice fasts. You will come home physically lighter and full of more wisdom and self esteem.
You will be blissed out, we guarantee it!

Hot Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum Overview


* Yoga Alignment Theory
* Posture-Specific Alignment & benefits
* Science of optimal sequencing
* Effective posture assisting
* Adapting postures to the individual
* Use of props


* Experiencing Your Anatomy
* The Physiology of Asana, Breath & Meditation
* Physics, Body biomechanics & warning-signs
* The Science of Flexibility & Strength
* Advanced Release Techniques
* Exploring the Yogic Diet, Nutrition & Cleansing


* Prana & the Vayus
* Chakras and Nadis
* The Five Koshas
* Ayurvedic Fundamentals
* Mudras, chanting & energetic expression
* Adapting the practice to your energetic constitution
* Understanding and controlling Prana


* History of Yoga
* Fundamental scriptures, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita
* Important teachers, paths and contributions
* Major schools and approaches to the practice


* Framework for safe & effective assisting & adjusting
* The Art of Effective Communicating
* The Power of Language & Vocal Control
* Demonstrating & Multitasking
* Managing group energy
* being a flexible teacher
* Cultivating confidence


* Anatomy and mechanics of breath
* Pranayama/breathing methodology
* Pranayama techniques in practice


* Meditation & the subtle body
* Meditation and the relaxation response
* Overview of meditation theory
* Major Techniques


* Overview of private client experience
* Intake, evaluation & prescription
* Anatomy of a private session
* Standard of care for private clients
* Ethics & boundaries
* Building your practice
* Fee structures & policies


* Cultivating life off the Mat
* Daily Sadhana – living the practice
* Ethics and the teacher


* How to get experience upon graduation
* Step-by-step plan to build a teacher career
* Step-by-step plan to build a private clientele
* Building your resume consciously
* Fundamentals of marketing,
* Fundamental of publicity
* Fundamentals of branding

Here is what the past students of our training are saying…

Michael S: “” I was a April/May 2007 student in the training experience at Yoga Oasis. We worked hard over 40 days, gleaned the wisdom and necessary teaching skills from Mary Grace and James, and learned about an assortment of things from Ashtanga/ Dharma Mittra Yoga/ hot yoga and the wisdom and underpinnings of Patanjali and the …Hindu and Yogic Gods and Goddesses that the yogic experience flows from.
Mary’s practical knowledge of things spiritual and yogic were interspersed wisely and effectively throughout the training. We learned to let go in poses, we learned to try variety, to breathe deeper, and to give ourselves over to what yoga has to offer.

After 3-4 weeks by tight back and body began to open up, after 8 weeks my mind was less encumbered and lighter. By grounding us in practice, having us work in pairs and small groups this teacher training was very effective, inspirational and gave me the confidence and skills to find work as a hot yoga teacher.

And , as a studio space opened up in May of 2008, I was able to open a studio in Bayside NY. You too can take this training for personal knowledge or far deeper into your professional or personal journey as your mind allows you. Much thanks to Mary Grace, James, Lara, fellow practitioners and all who have gone before us offering up the teachings. Om Shanti!

Danielle ૐ S: “” This is the studio I trained at to be a HOT YOGA TEACHER!
I see they are giving another Teacher Training soon.

I would (and DO) recommend training to teach at YOGA OASIS to EVERYONE!

It was so educational, fun, and an over all a truly amazing experience. Priceless, in fact.

We began our first day- by learning simple techn…iques of Thai Yoga Massage- and practiced on each other. What an amazing way to meet your classmates and fellow yogis!
The information I was given- (and GLADY soaked up) I took with me and still have to this very day.

I did become a HOT yoga teacher after this training- in fact I never even taught my class at Yoga Oasis to “pass” the training because I already had a job at a different studio before I could get the chance to practice with a “safe” class.

I know LOTS of people who trained here- TONS teach- two that I know of own their own studios currently- and I may too one day.

If you’re even SLIGHTLY thinking about it- I will tell you it’s totally worth your money and time. Training in a nurturing environment with EXTREMELY educated teachers such as Mary and James was in invaluable experience that I’ll always cherish. Their energy alone was worth it.
Training to teach at Yoga Oasis has made me a better person and certainly taught me how to be a great Hot Yoga Instructor!

Thank you for your testimonials. The proof is in the practice.

Assisting this Maui 200Hr training will be Kevin Kimple

Director of the Eugene School of Yoga is Kevin Kimple. Kevin Kimple is one of the few Ashtanga Yoga instructors in Oregon personally Authorized to teach by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Kevin graduated with Honors and a BA in Dance from U.C. Berkeley in ‘93.  He spent the next six years living in New York City and touring extensively throughout the U.S.A. and Europe with the Martha Graham Ensemble, MOMIX, Bella Lewitzky and other notable dance troupes. In 1996 Kevin began studying yoga with David Life and Sharon Gannon of Jivamukti. He left dance touring in 1999 and moved to Boulder, Colorado to deepen his yoga studies under the tutelage of Ashtanga Master Richard Freeman. He studied with Richard for several years, including 5 months of teacher training intensives, and also taught at Richard’s school The Yoga Workshop. In December 2000 Kevin received a Black Belt in the ancient Chinese martial art Shao-Lin Kung Fu, after intensive studies under Senior Masters David and Sharon Soard (7th Degree Black Belts). Unable to meet the demands of two full-time disciplines, Kevin moved to Mysore, India in 2002 to concentrate on his yoga practice under the watchful eyes of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the fountainhead of contemporary Ashtanga Yoga. He lived in India for 3 years studying yoga, Sanskrit, philosophy, music and gardening. He also owned and managed a B&B designed especially to accommodate the influx of other foreign students coming to Mysore to study. Kevin returned to the U.S.A. in early 2006 to be near his family and opened the Eugene School of Yoga in Eugene, Oregon. Kevin’s previous teaching credits include U.C. Berkeley, Univ. of Nevada, Brooklyn College Prep. Center for the Arts and many private studios throughout the U.S.A. He also spent a year in Scotland as Head Instructor at the Yoga Centre in Edinburgh.

Also Teaching at Maui’s Teacher Training will be James Onnikian.

James Onnikian is a Golden Gloves boxing champion and World Kickboxing champion turned Yogi. James has extensive training in boxing, kickboxing, yoga, and has apprenticed as a Jeet Kun Do instructor (Bruce Lee’s fighting method) from 1993 until 2006 at Ray Longo’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy (RLMMAA). During this time he trained with fellow champions Matt (the terror) Serra former UFC champion , Peter (Drago) Sels, Luke Cummo, Joe Diablo, Tim (bring on the pain) Lane, and many other champion fighters. With their support and friendship he earned these following titles: KICK Long Island Super Middleweight Champion in 1999, KICK US Super middleweight Kickboxing champion in 2000, USKBA World Kickboxing Champion 2001, and the Daily News Golden Gloves Boxing Champion in 2001. He then found his yoga teacher Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC and has practiced extensively with him since 2004. During this time he took an interest in partner yoga and Acro yoga, and studied with the founder of Acro Yoga, Jason Nemer and his partner Jenny Sauer-Klein. In 2007 James went to the worlds oldest Thai Massage school, Wat Po in Bangkok, Thailand and was certified in Thai massage. Since 2007 James has apprenticed with Dr Bill Akpinar in Acupuncture and Natural Medicine healing modalities. This extensive history of training and learning, James brings to his students a no nonsence, educational and inspirational class that blends intensity with a sense of light heartedness, allowing every student to have fun and feel good while getting the best workout of their lives.

Dr Bill Akpinar, Sri Dharma Mittra & James Onnikian

Teaching the Anatomy & Physiology will be,
Bill Akpinar, D.Ac., D.D.S., M.D., B.S
University Health Sciences School of Medicine (U.H.S.A.), Ataturk University School of Dentistry, American College of Acupuncture, City University of New York
Dr. Bill Akpinar is the director of the Center for Healing in New York. He has successfully integrated Eastern and Western Medicine in his field for over 20 years. Having served as director of two major teaching hospital-based anesthesiology and pain management programs in the New York City area, Dr. Bill continues to train medical, dental, and podiatry residents. He holds numerous board certifications and fellowships, including acupuncture, pain management, forensic medicine, forensic dentistry, traumatic distress, as well as herbal and Tibetan medicine. Dr. Bill thrives on the use of many non-traditional techniques in combination with his anesthesiology background in the field of headache and TMJ pain disorders, including music therapy (he is an accomplished musician), Chinese Heal Martial Arts, such as Chi Kung (he holds several black belts and practices various “internal” healing martial arts styles), oxygenation therapy, and has been trained by noted Chinese, Indian, Shaolin, Sufi, and Tibetan healing masters in the course of his career (including a mentorship with the Dali Lama’s personal physician, while in Tibet). As medical director of the United States Karate Team, under the direction of his teacher and world Karate champion Terrence “Tokey” Hill, Dr. Bill has had the opportunity to apply his healing skills to the team in his travels with them. Dr. Bill now serves as medical director of the University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico and is constantly searching for ways to bridge Eastern and Western Medicine and bring this knowledge to the public.

Yoga Alliance approved for the 200 & 500 Hour level.
You will become a nationally accredited Hot Yoga Teacher after completion of this training.

Mary Grace’s New York studio’s called Yoga Oasis West and East are located in New York are located in the prestigious Long Island towns of Woodbury & Dix Hills. Yoga Oasis West was opened in 2002, and East (originally a Yoga College of India, where MG took her first Bikram class) was opened by MG in 2005. Yoga Oasis’ Hot Yoga Teacher Training has been approved by Yoga Alliance for the 200 & 500 Hour Certification. You will become a nationally accredited Registered Yoga Teacher when you complete our Hot Yoga training & job placement is available
(in New York).
Our next 200 hour New York Training of consecutive weekend courses is from April 1st- June 6th 2011.
visit for more information

This training will give you:
84 hours of practice- techniques training
105 teaching methodology, (YA requirements only need 20) with 5 hours each day broken up with
12 anatomy & physiology
20 yoga philosophy
21 group teaching practice
6 week teaching program
20 hours of Karma yoga
20 homework hours

total: 300 hours of training- depending on personal attendance


Certification requirements must be fulfilled during the training. The center will notify you of special assignments, and advise you about completion requirements. Credit fulfillment is mandatory for graduation. To this end, make-up hours are offered by pre-approval at an extra cost. The graduation certificate is presented by Mary Grace after completion of all evaluations and payment of all fees. A graduation ceremony will be scheduled and you will be notified in advance.

A $50 Deposit is required to confirm your acceptance.

By responding to this agreement,
I hereby accept all terms and conditions listed above and acknowledge this to be my signature.

Application Fee

$50 by phone (call 516-367-8500), in person at Yoga Oasis, or through Paypal Below.

Teacher Training Fees:

200 Hour course- $2,500.00
300 Hour course for a graduate of an approved 200 hour- $3000
500 Hour Course-$3500
Room rental at the Yoga Shala-$1800 per month

Pay Here for Registration and Training

Teacher training Course fees are as follows.

Application fee $50 (non-refundable, not included in total training cost)

200 hour Training fee $2,500.00
Training fee includes-

-One enrollment in the Hot Yoga Teacher training for the  program & one month of homework, study groups & mentoring programs

-2 months of unlimited classes of hot yoga, ($280 value)* 2 month program only

-One month of the mentoring program ($400 value) (hot yoga classes for the third month,  or however long it takes until the student has completed the training [2 months max] are 50 % off total class price, = $70 per month) * 2 month program only

-Yoga Anatomy book, by Leslie Kaminoff ($20 value)
-Yoga Sutra book by Jaganath ($20 Value) All included in total training cost

$500 Deposit is required 45 days before the training begins.

Full payment is required 14 days before the program begins.
If you are approved for the payment plan,

$1000 is required 14 days before the program begins. Some work exchange for $500 off is available

(not including the $550 deposit)

Yoga Oasis & Maui Hot Yoga Teacher

Effective September 2010

1. Included in each course registration fee is a non-refundable, non-transferable $50.00 deposit.

2. Customers canceling with 14 days notice or more but wishing to transfer to a different training, forfeit a $50.00 deposit and the remaining balance can be applied to the teacher training for which they are transferring. Any remaining balances due must be paid two weeks prior to the training. Trainings must be re-taken within 12 months.  Cancellations over 45 days to the start of a program are $200 with the balance refunded or applied to a future Yoga Oasis TT program within 2 years. Cancellations 20-45 days to the start of the program are $500 with the balance applied to a future Yoga Oasis TT program within 2 years. All fees are final and non refundable within the 20 day period before the start of the program.  The remaining balance is kept on file as a credit to be applied to a future teacher training within the 12 months from the date the order was processed. Any remaining balances due must be paid two weeks prior to the training.

3. Customers not attending a training and failing to contact Yoga Oasis in advance (i.e., “no-shows”) will forfeit all registration fees; no refund/credit will be issued.

4. All trainings are subject to cancellation by Yoga Oasis and in such cases, customers will be notified in advance and be provided with various options. Please call to confirm any training(s) prior to making any travel arrangements.

5. Full attendance is required to receive course credit.

6. Our ultimate goal is to provide outstanding education. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your training upon arrival, a credit towards a future registration for the same training with a different instructor will be issued if a written and verbal cancellation is made within the first hour of attendance. Your learning about yoga is our goal.

Pay Here for Registration and Training

any more questions email



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